Welcome to Kromega, an innovative brand of parts for HPLC, MS systems and Spectrophotometers.

The Kromega range features parts necessary for the routine maintenance of popular systems from manufacturers such as Agilent & Waters including HPLC columns autosampler & pump spares, fittings, tubing, service kits for mass spectrometers, hollow cathode lamps and deuterium lamps.

All products in the Kromega range, including the new HPLC solvent degasser and HPLC Columns come with the assurance that they meet or exceed the performance of the part supplied by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) (in many cases, they are the identical part made by the same source). HPLC customers can purchase the individual parts or quantities they require.

Until now MS customers have only been able to purchase OEM kits which often contain unnecessary expensive items. The Kromega MS kit range consists of four types for each instrument; the kits can be purchased individually or combined to suit customers specific requirements.

With items such as HPLC tubing also available by the metre, clearly Kromega parts and kits have been designed with the cost conscious end-user in mind.

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Kromega HPLC and MS maintenance parts. The new range.

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