Preventative / Planned Maintenance (PM) are procedures recommended by the OEM in order to keep your instrument operational and functioning within advised resolution, calibration and intensity specifications. Our experts at Jaytee have developed a range of OEM equivalent PM Kits in order to facilitate this, offering both quality and affordability.

Included in this range of kits are vacuum, probe, maintenance and calibration standards.


What Task Are You Carrying Out on Your Sciex LC-MS?
If you need to perform a yearly service on your Sciex, whether it be an API 365 or the latest API 6500, our OEM equivalent kits are ideally suited to your needs, at reduced costs.

Each kit includes all the consumables required to service the ion source, interface and vacuum system of a specific instrument.

Every Sciex PM Kit contains high-grade pump oil, o-rings a capilliary and air filters:

AB Sciex Kits

AB Sciex Parts

Agilent / HP

What Task Are You Carrying Out on Your Agilent / HP LC-MSD?
If you need to perform a yearly service on your 1100 Agilent LC-MS, whether it be a G1946 or G1956, our OEM equivalent kit is ideally suited to your needs, at reduced costs.

It provides all the o-rings required to service the ion-source and interface regions of the MS in order to maintain high vacuum pressure for the instrument to run at its full potential.

Note: A vacuum kit will need to be purchased to service your rotary pump:

Agilent / HP Service Kit

Waters Micromass

What Task Are You Carrying Out on Your Micromass LC-MS?
If you need to do a yearly service on your MS, whether it be an ZQ or a new Xevo, at Jaytee, we have simplified the process of servicing your LC-MS instrumentation.

By separating your LC-MS system into 3 serviceable components, you can be sure you are purchasing the appropriate service kit for the task in hand. To carry out a complete overhaul at the recommended yearly interval, purchase all three kits (Vacuum, Probe and Instrument Maintenance).

Waters Micromass

Our kromega range of vacuum kits are suited to provide preventative maintenance of the backing vacuum system. Includes high grade pump oil, exhaust filters and o-rings. NB. One vacuum kit services one pump.

Probe Kit

The kromega ‘Waters / Micromass Probe Kit ‘ has been designed to completely service the electrospray probe of all non-Xevo Waters instruments. Includes a capilliary, o-rings and conductive ferrule.

Maintenance Kit

The kromega Waters Micromass Maintenance Kit family has been tailored to specific instruments and provide all the parts and consumables necessary to overhaul the interface region (ion block, support, hexapole/ion tunnel). NB. This does not include the probe or vacuum regions.

Waters Micromass Kits

Waters Micromass Parts

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Waters O-Ring Ion Block Support ESI Tip

Kromega MS Kits. Protect your investment, reduce downtime, extend performance and increase productivity.